Welcome to UGaming.org!

We are behind on our donation goal to pay for servers!
We need your help to keep Unity Gaming and the game servers running.
Donations of at least 5€ will get you VIP Status on all our servers!
We appreciate our VIP members and are continously developing VIP Perks.
Each donation of 5€ will extend the duration of your VIP privileges for 1 month.
You can make a donation by using the Donations Widget.
Vip Perk Description
Additional points +5 Bonus !buy points per chapter
Votekick immunity Admins and VIP players can only issue votekicks against you
Join message Players will see your vip tag upon joining the server
Crawling while incapped You can crawl while you are incapacitated
Additional revive count You can be revived one more time than usual before becoming Black and White
Transfer player stats Transfer gameMe stats from another steam account (one time only and requires owner approval)
No spitter fatigue Spitter can move immediately after using spit ability
Quick rock throw Capability to throw tank rocks quicker by key combination (FORWARD + LEFT Buttons)

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